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Decoding Your Curls
Without the Fluff


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Cutting through the noise and getting to what matters.

Your ultimate guide for getting started on your curly hair journey.

This is the right fit for you if...

    You have naturally curly hair and you don't know where to start.

    You have watched every influencer, YouTube video, read every curly hair blog and feel more confused than when you started.

    You feel like wearing your hair natural is way too complicated to make it work for you.

    You have tried every product known to man and nothing is working.

    You can't seem to get the definition and lack of frizz that you are dreaming of, no matter what you do or try.

    You aren't happy with the results you are getting and you are ready for a change!

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If this sounds
like you,
you're in the
right place.


Hi! My name is Alaina. I've been a licensed cosmetologist since 2006 and began specializing in curly hair in 2018.​ I have helped set hundreds of people just like you on the right path for their hair and lifestyle. 

My clients come to me not just because they trust me with their curls, but because they know they will leave with the knowledge to continue their curly  journeys at home.

I have been where you are. When starting my own curly journey, I felt confused and frustrated and just wanted answers.

I want to help you cut through the malarkey, cut through all the confusion and just get to the point where you love your curls. With this resource I can help you do just that!



A curly routine that actually works.

An end to days of confusion and frustration around styling your curls.

An arsenal of product options perfect for your hair.

An uncomplicated routine that doesn't take 7-10 business days.

Curls that last for days.

No more Hermione hair days where the frizz seems to have no end.


"I really appreciate all the tips/techniques Alaina gave me, and what is good/bad for my hair. Really feeling refreshed and have a new appreciation for my hair. I thought "my hair is never going to look this way again", because the reality of doing it yourself is always different and harder than necessary. But when I washed it OH MAN, I was proud of myself, because it actually looked similar to how I left the salon. All her tips were spot on and so helpful."
-Sarah M.

"Alaina taught my daughter how to take care of and style her curly hair. My daughter went from having goofy, unmanageable hair to having and embracing her gorgeous natural curls. Alaina is extremely kind and talented and can help even the most inexperienced people, like myself, learn to care and love their natural hair."
-Michelle K.

If you're ready to cut through the noise and nonsense and finally achieve the confidence in your curls...this is the solution for you!

"I have learned so much about my curls and Alaina has helped me find the right products and styling routine that work for my busy schedule. Alaina is supportive and has all the latest info. You can tell she loves what she does, and it's clear that she is an expert at it!"
- Brooke B.





"As a busy mom of 4, I often struggle to find time for self care and wanted to embrace my naturals curls. It is an investment that has been worth it- the knowledge and products she's recommended have given me results like I've never had with basically zero additional work. So grateful for the growth on this journey that I've seen so far and for seeing the potential when I have a little more time to commit to styling."
-Rachel T. 


Breakdown of how to properly cleanse your scalp and hair

How to condition your hair to get maximum results while using less product

Tips / Tricks / Techniques for styling product application

Different drying techniques and how to get the least amount of frizz with all of them

Simple and easy ways to refresh your curls to get multiple wear days between washing your hair

Video tutorials to give you a visual of the process

Full list of all my product recommendations with a breakdown of what ones are right for you and how to apply them

Daily Hair Tracker worksheet to keep track of the days in between washing

Wash Day Tracker worksheet that helps you document your progress and figure out what is working and what is not

Monthly Planner to help plan and keep track of your wash days, set goals and make notes