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  • How do I contact you?
    You can reach me by email OR text me at 616.275.0311
  • How do I book an appointment?
    If you are a returning guest and did not prebook your next appointment you must email me at If you are a new guest or haven't seen me in over a year, you will need to fill out the New Guest Intake Form. After I review that I will send you additional booking information.
  • How should I wear my hair to my appointment?
    When prepping for your appointment I ask: DON'T arrive with a ponytail, bun, twist out, roller-set, perm-rod set, curl-former, etc. or any style that stretches or changes your hair's natural curl pattern. DO make sure to finger detangle your curls as best as you can. DON'T style your hair with products that are excessively sticky or greasy/oily. For example, shea butter or coconut oil. Also any products with heavy perfume or fragrance. DO cleanse, condition and style your hair curly (with product) the day of your appointment or the night before. DO have your hair thoroughly dry. DO come with an open mind ready to accept and love your hair in all its natural glory!
  • What is the Curly Cut and why is it different from a normal cut?
    A Curly Cut is a specialized technique for cutting curly hair. Because curls have a mind of their own, they behave differently when they are wet than when they are dry. As such, a Curly Cut is a dry cut that allows me to accurately assess the spring in your curls and how it affects the shape of the cut. This will leave you with a result that has been customized to YOUR curls, length, density and texture and a cut that is as unique as you are!
  • When I go on to book an appointment it is all blacked I doing something wrong?
    If you are going on to book a new client appointment and an opening everything is greyed out, the appointment has already been booked. These appointments go quickly so be sure to get on right away and try refreshing your screen. If you have missed the opening be sure to check your email for the next available opening. If you are a returning guest trying to book an appointment please email me at
  • How do I can cancel or reschedule my appointment?
    You can cancel your appointment from any of the notification emails or text messages. Click the link provided and it will give you the option if you scroll down to cancel your appointment. To reschedule you will need to send me an email at Also keep in mind any services canceled less than 24 hours before an appointment you will be charged 50% of your service via your credit card on file. Any "no show" appointment will be charged 100% of your service via credit card on file. I 100% understand that emergencies and illnesses happen and will be handled on a case by case basis.
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