Innersense Organic Beauty Products

This brand is certified organic, curl-friendly, and ultra concentrated. Which means a bottle will last you a LONG time! 

Silk Pillowcase

I recommend a silk pillow case for everyone! It creates less frizz on your hair and it also doesn't rob your hair and skin of moisture like a tradition cotton pillow case.

Silk Scrunchie

A gentle option for wearing your hair up at night to protect it or during the day.

Spriggle -

4 Prong Pick

This is amazing for picking out your roots without breaking up your curl clumps.

Felicia Leatherwood


One of the best detangling/styling brushes I have worked with! You will LOVE IT!

Denman Brush

Loved among many curlies, this brush is great for styling curls. The best part is you can customize it by removing rows of teeth.

Duck Bill Clips

Alternative to the smaller root clips.


A handy tool to help attach non-universal diffusers to your dryer.

Collapsible Bowl

Great for the Bowl Method, and can be collapsed and stored when not in use.

Jojoba and Teatree

Scalp Oil

I love this oil for scalp treatments! Whether you want to moisturize your scalp or balance an over production of oil. Jojoba oil is the closest oil to your natural scalp oil and tea tree has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

NYC Curls Cleanser


This is my favorite zero-lather cleanser. It gives a great clean feeling, but still gentle enough if you suffer from a dry scalp or your hair easily dries out from low-lather cleansers. It has a great tingle from the infused mint oil!

Continuous Spray Bottle

Curly girl's best friend! The water comes out as a mist instead of a spray and it can spray upside down!

The Buff

One of my favorite overnight protection methods! Just put it over your hair while you sleep to preserve your amazing curls for the next day.


Gentle hair tie, that reduces headaches, and no more hair tie lines. I love these for curly hair especially.

Aquis Microfiber


Super absorbant microfiber towel, it is super gentle on curls and because the microfiber is woven not looped you can dry this in the dryer on low heat!

Wet Brush

This brush is designed specially for brushing through wet hair, it has very flexible bristles so it is very gentle. Great for kids!

Puff Cuff

A great alternative to a hair tie, it has less tension. Prevents breakage and reduces headaches.

Claw Scalp Massager

This is great for either creating volume on day 2 or 3 or if you do scalp massages to stimulate hair growth.

Scrunci Mini Clips

I use these clips for
"Medusa Clipping" another 
great overnight curl protection method.

Vibrating Scalp Massager

Same benefits of the shampoo brush plus the vibrating feature which can help stimulate hair growth!

NYC Curls Conditioner


This is hands down my favorite conditioner! It's great for all hair types and smells AMAZING!


NYC Curls Gel


Light to medium hold to lock in the moisture with a flexible hold. Great for wash & go styles and twist outs!

Satin Robe

Great for wearing over clothes to protect hair while getting ready or lounging around.

Satin Scarf

These are great for protecting your curls overnight or wearing with coats to protect hair from getting static and frizzy. And BONUS you can use it as a cute hair accessory!

Metal Picks

Use these for lifting your roots before air drying or while diffusing or under a hood dryer for extra volume.

Aquis Microfiber


Wrapping your hair in this will expediate your dry time, and it is super gentle on hair. It will prevent breakage vs using a huge heavy towel.

Curl Keeper 

Flexy Brush

This brush is very versitile, you can use it as a scalp massager while shampooing. It also has super flexible bristles for gentle detangling.

Thermal Treatment


When doing a deep treatment it helps to have heat. Just pop this baby in the microwave and put it on top of your shower cap.

Black Orchid Diffuser

This is the best diffuser! It has great airflow and it is large to be able to handle thick or extra long hair. (This is not a universal fit diffuser)

Double Prong Clips

Use these when drying your hair to create or maintain volume on your roots!

Scalp Massager

Great for getting a good clean scalp, and getting rid of dandruff.

NYC Curls Conditioner


Same great conditioner bigger size! Because if there is one thing your hair needs, it's a good conditioner.

1 Liter

NYC Curls Gel


Same great gel, just bigger and better because it will last you just about forever! And who doesn’t like not having to products all the time?!?!

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